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We at Foliar Farm Feeds & Seeds Ltd aim to provide farmers, horticulturists & both individual & commercial businesses with a one-stop shop & store for purchasing innovative plant growth aids soil enhancers & stimulants to give the grower the chance to achieve high yields routinely without overreliance on traditional chemical powder fertilizers.

Soil health & sustainability is a key goals of the company’s philosophy & we work closely with some of the leading innovators in Science & agronomy across the Globe, in order to provide local availability of niche products to serve our customer’s demands.

Working with Nature for Nature

We are a 100% Irish owned company

We are an Innovation leader, focused on sources of sustainable products for growing crops
improving soils & reducing cost. We work with like minded suppliers who’s message mirrors our own, improve the way that our food is produced & the way our soils are maintained & respected.

Nature is extremely innovative abundant & generous & adaptable, so we need to be too. We are learning from nature all the time

Soil is our passion , let nature flourish !

Why Foliar Feeding

There are lots of studies & research over the last 20 years that have concluded without question , there is as much as a 9 times percentage improvement in nutrient uptake at the roots from foliar feeding versus a soil application. Foliar feeding allows for 95 percent efficiency of uptake from foliar application compared to about 10 percent from soil application.

Foliar application absorption is immediate & most significantly there is much less runoff or nutrient wastage to river courses & streams than with powder granule soil application. Precision- foliar feeding can be applied in a very precise application with modern sprayers at significant width. This eliminating the need for expensive powder granular fertilizer spreaders to cover large widths eg >30metre .
Efficiency of time- most of the plants feeds we provide can be tank mixed with other well known fungicides or herbicides so passes through the field can be reduced.

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