Composting and Bio extracts


We offer bagged and bulk boutique compost for local pickup and delivery.

Want your compost shipped? We do that too. Bulk compost requires a special shipping arrangement. Please contact us to request a quote.

Compost Tea

Compost tea is an aerated extract of compost enriched with nutrients to boost microbial activity. The increased microbial biomass produces substances that help organisms adhere to leaf surfaces. This liquid is intended for foliar application.

Aerobic compost teas are excellent for all crops and offer a cost-effective, sustainable method for healthy crop growth. They enhance nutrient uptake and reduce the risk of foliar diseases and pest infestations.

We meticulously monitor each batch of our compost tea under a microscope to maintain aerobic conditions. If you are facing pest or disease issues, let us know. We can incorporate biological controls into the tea to address your problems. Our biocontrol products can help manage spider mites, fungus gnats, and aphids.

Consultation and Advisory Service for Building Your Own Compost

We offer expert consultation and advice to help you create your own compost. Our team can guide you through the process, ensuring you build an effective compost system tailored to your needs. In the interim, while you get started, you can purchase our high-quality Bio Compost to begin benefiting immediately.


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