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What is Nitrogen Fixation

Nitrogen fixation is a natural process in which atmospheric nitrogen (N₂) is converted into a form usable by plants, such as ammonia (NH₃). This process is primarily carried out by certain bacteria and cyanobacteria, either free-living in the soil or in a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, particularly legumes. Nitrogen fixation is crucial for agriculture and ecosystems because it replenishes soil nitrogen, an essential nutrient for plant growth.


  • Azoto  – Azobacter, Natures N Fixer , Free nitrogen from the atmosphere
  • Azospi – Azospirilium ,  second of the two known N fixers, combine the two together for best results 
  • Nitro Stim –  Endophytic nitrifying Bacteria 
  • Fish Hydrolysate  –   High complex structure , Fungal loving feed
  • Amino Acid  – Vellamin 24,  Direct plant food for immediate pick up 
  • Humivell 26 – Humic & Fulvic –  long term food for the soils biology.  Also acts as a water treatment buffer when spraying .  Multiple benefits
Increase your maize yield with Nitrostim

The Nitrogen Cycle

Azoto and Azospi are the only known naturally occurring  Nitrogen fixing bacterium know to man.  The bacterium form an important part of the Nutrient cycling process as can be described in the Soil Food web Nutrient cycle diagram 

The Nitrogen cycle

The two products combined with a simple Fungal food & or amino acid when spraying allows an abundance of growth promoting bacteria to flourish & promote vigorous plants.

The applications of the products are three fold, these can be applied as :

  • A powder coating on seeds prior to planting
  • Liquid spray directly on the growing leaf
  • As part of an aerobic mixture or compost tea for improved growth . ( see Aerobic compost & aerobic extract making page for more details.

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