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Fish Hydrolysate


Our highly nutritious marine based natural fertiliser supports high yields, restores depleted soils and provides a strong organic alternative to chemical based fertilisers.

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Fish Hydrolysate is a highly nutritious marine based natural fertiliser that support high yields, restore depleted soils and provides a strong alternative to chemical-based fertilisers. Our fish hydrolysate is packed with a broad range of macro & micro nutrients, amino acids, organic matter and trace elements.

100% natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals which is an easily applied organic liquid packed with essential micronutrients, major trace elements, amino acids, organic matter to build soils which are all essential for healthy growth, boosting yields and restoring depleted soils.

  •  A Regenerative Fertiliser For Healthier Soils.
  • Full Of The Vital Macro and Micro Trace Elements For Nutritious and Resilient Crops.
  • Packed With Amino Acids
  • New Innovative Technology (Patent Pending)
  • Approved Organic Input
  • Improved Soil Health
  • Supportive Of Organic and Regenerative practices.

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Fish Hydrolysate



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