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Trichoderma harzianum


  • Usable in ORGANIC farming
  • High concentration of 1 billion CFU/g
  • Wettable powder
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Preparation of Trichoderma harzianum conidia in the form of a wettable powder with a very high concentration of 1*10^9 CFU/g (one billion colony-forming units).

  • Formulated with an organic plant-based gum that captures soil moisture, thus providing suitable humidity conditions for the propagation of beneficial microorganisms.
  • The conidia are coated to enhance Trichoderma stability and prevent early product degradation.
  • Strong ability to rapidly colonize the soil.
  • This specific fungus demonstrates significant adaptation to extreme climatic conditions, increasing plant resistance to environmental stress.

The Trichoderma harzianum strain develops within the root system environment, creating a root shield around it. Trichoderma enhances water and nutrient absorption by the treated plant, leading to improved root and foliage growth. Additionally, through its siderophores, Trichoderma harzianum chelates iron, rendering it bioavailable.


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