About us

You & your agronomist know your soils & your crops . We love to work with fellow passionate growers to achieve bumper yields at a fraction of the cost . Grow your harvest with us.

Core Business Values

The Business model is simple & clear. We at Foliar Farm Feeds & Seeds Ltd aim to provide farmers, horticulturists & both individual & commercial businesses with a one-stop shop & store for purchasing innovative plant growth aids soil enhancers & stimulants to give the grower the chance to achieve high yields routinely without overreliance on traditional chemical powder fertilizers.

Soil health & sustainability is a key goals of the company’s philosophy & we work closely with some of the leading innovators in Science & agronomy across the Globe, in order to provide local availability of niche products to serve our customer’s demands.

Our customers

A vast range of growers, both Tillage, dairy & stock farms, men & women all interested in providing their farm with options when needed to grow crops & grasses in an environmentally sustainable way, focusing on the nature they have been entrusted with to maintain and nurture for many generations to come.

The owners

I have been a keen tillage farmer & gardener from a very young age. I have a natural flair for growing things well & practised this from the early years of my life with lots of good neighbours & friends who know how to farm their land very well.

Growing healthy crops is something I do on my own tillage farm & I’ve been actively involved in growing crops for 30+ years. I have seen the changes in the way tillage growers produce crops & the impact that high-intensity commercial growing has had on our soil health. It has become apparently obvious in the last few years that commercial-style powder chemical fertilizer treatments of our soil cannot continue. With a strong interest and passion in this area, I feel change is now inevitable for all farmers if there is to be a future for the next generation. I have actively researched several like-minded companies whose key aim is to renew our farm’s biology & reduce over-dependence on chemicals produced from harmful mining & extraction using gas or oil.

The farmer’s & garden growers’ customers are ultimately the people who live with them in their own community & town & who are now more aware & wanting to know where the product they feed their family with has come from & been produced from.


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