We have a huge range of product to aid your commercial & garden growing enterprises with specific plant feeds for different plants & fruits.

Hydrophonic & commercial vegetable

  • From the research team & focusing on biostimulants for specific Hydrophonic growing & leaf feed applications for vegetable & fruit growers we offer the following range.
  • Auxim 15: This bio stimulator is composed of 7.5% (75 gr/l) of concentrated L-tryptophan and fully assimilated by the plant. The application of this powerful biostimulant reduces the incidence of physiopathies derived from stress situations such as the abortion of freshly set fruits, poor quality of the flower or fall of these, ‘cracking’ or certain malformations that occur in the fruits.
  • Brixtoner:    Biostimulant of Fruit collaboration & ripening
  • Blattwerk Pure:   a great all-rounder, contains a large organic amino acid content with readily available nitrogen (N): 1.33%, total phosphorus (P2O5): 0.69%, total potassium (K2O): 5.30%
  • Biorganic Liquid Organic:  -Benefits include greater absorbent power of cations and anions in the plant. , favouring a greater use of fertilizers provided to crops and reducing their losses by percolation.  Increased solubilization of micro and macronutrients
  • Provite Defense: -Formulated Poly D-glucosamine, to activate the defence response of plants through the natural signalling system involved in the response to pathogens (bacteria and fungi). Provite-Defense® is an elicitor, that has fungicidal and bactericidal effects via stimulation of the natural defence mechanism of plants
  • Provite Osmotic: been formulated to protect the plant from excess salts in irrigation water,
  • Proviter Termic: This formulation contains a specific vitamin that acts as a signal molecule, activating the defence response of the plant to adapt to thermal stress, also has a high antioxidant capacity that neutralizes the action of oxidative species generated by extreme temperature environments,
  • Provite Vitamins: Is a super-activator of different mechanisms of response to stress and a biostimulant with revitalizing effects, enhancer of the initial sprouting phase and setting phase.
  • VELLAMIN 24: is obtained by hydrolysis of vegetable proteins. It has been developed as a stimulant for vegetable growth with immediate effect.
  • Microvell Trio -Microvell TRIO: is a liquid mixture of microelements chelated with EDTA. It is a corrector of multiple deficiencies of Fe, Mn and Zn that can be applied directly to the diluted soil in irrigation water as well as in hydroponic crops and in continuous fertilization, in any irrigation system.

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Brixtoner Evaluation of Cherry Tomatos sugar content

Spain: “Improving sweetness and size of strawberries in winter by more than 25%”


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