No , we offer both Organic & non organic certified products to cater for both farm enterprises. Both can be used in the non Organic system & we have a specific tab that details our separate Organic products only on the website.
Please call us or email at colm@foliar.ie . For Wholesale orders we can tailor a feed plan with your agronomist or based on field soil test results. This saves you money as your applying & treating the deficiency directly.
All the foliar feeds are specifically designed for foliar application. The nitrogen feed in particular contains a dispersant agent that ensures no crop burn . As with all chemical or spray applications we advice before adding to the tank to do a simple chemical compatibility test in a small litre container to ensure no reaction or foaming occurs in water.
We have specifically specialised in working with Foliar products for a few reasons. Cost efficiency cheaper & less volume required per kgcm3 of nitrogen , Environmental benefits, no runoff issues, Variety larger scope of prodcuts can be purchased & applied with the foliar range. Plant uptake, research has shown up to 9 times improved uptake of the nutrient through Foliar feed.
For retail shop orders we allow 2-4 working days for delivery. For wholesale orders , 3 weeks from date of order or sooner if products are in stock.
We are an Irish company & currently only offer the products range to customers within Ireland however if you are interested with a certain product please contact us & we will consider extremal shipments based on demand.

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