Healthy lush crops economically cheap to grow with better disease & pest resistance

Our soils can support trees & the roots obtain enough nutrition naturally from the soil. Unlock your soils
full potential with a microbiology approach to building soil health

Bacteria & bio stimulant building

  • An area of huge growth & potential for all our farms we are excited to offer some great new products to Irish growers:
  • Vella Megaprime: a bio-formulated developed from rhizobacteria promoting plant growth that, applied at the beginning of the crop, is installed in the wet bulb of the root, modifying the availability of nutrients in the rhizosphere from the release of organic substances, improving the availability of blocked nutrients in the soil.
  • Vella Bactron: a microbial compound especially indicated to improve the physical-chemical and biological conditions of the soil, favouring the development and health of crops by providing better effective conditions. Improves soil structure and aeration
  • Broto Vell – a specially formulated Lignosulfonic Acid, is a biostimulant compound that activates the immune system of the plant, it provides an adequate balance between aerial and root parts, stimulating photosynthesis and sprouting
  • Nutri Vell – a liquid bio activator, whose main active material consists of free amino acids of L-Cysteine (5% w / w) from the hydrolysis of protein materials, such as collagen and keratin, It is a nutrient that favours rooting, vegetative development and fruiting.
  • Bio-organic Vell is an excellent organic matter builder and contains nitrogen, calcium and potassium, Bio-organic due to its high content of organic matter provides greater absorbent power of cations and anions, favouring a greater efficiency of fertilizers provided to crops and reducing their loss by percolation, increased solubilization of micro and macronutrients.
  • Provide defence Vella, an elicitor has fungicide and bactericidal effects via stimulation of the natural defence mechanism of plants. Developed to promote the vigour of the plant resistance against various factors of biotic stress.

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