NPK feeds

For plant top-up in times of stress


  • Vellamin Mix : Amino acids, containing substantial amounts of Nitrogen, are essential to plants, this mix includes 12% free amino along with a multivitamin blend for a balanced crop feed.
  • 33-5-5 Vella NGel: a 33% Nitrogen booster suitable for foliar feed application
  • 7-20-7 Vella P Gel: a 20% Phosphorous booster designed for foliar feed application
  • 4-16-28 Vella PK Gel: a 28% Potassium booster designed for foliar feed applications
  • Osmogreen includes Amino acids 97% w/w Organic amino acids & Total nitrogen (N) 11.6%

Just some of the product ranges available, for specific interests & pricing please contact Colm or Tim at +353 873987298

Further information

Brixtoner Evaluation of Cherry Tomatos sugar content

Spain: “Improving sweetness and size of strawberries in winter by more than 25%”

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