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Organic farming: Getting up close & dirty with soil!

ORGANICS: new & exclusive to Foliar Farm Feeds & Seeds in Ireland.

We are delighted to have teamed up with both Vellsam & Biofabrik:

Both companies come with a very similar idea & end goal to us at Foliar Farm Feeds & Seeds. We want to provide farmers & growers with a more sustainable & environmental way to grow crops without further contaminating our valuable soil. We want to offer these viable alternatives & with growing knowledge, understanding & awareness,  show that crop yields can be well increased & soil health built quickly, even in Organic growing circumstances.

Organic certification: CAAE Ecological Certification has been completed for the products listed below. This certification body is the European standard for Organic Production that certifies suitability for use in European countries.

Blattwerk Pure: is an organic fertilizer. It contains a high content of free amino acids and plant-available nitrogen as well as phosphorus and potassium for optimal plant growth.   Foliar Farm Feeds & Seeds are the sole agents for wholesale IBC bulk containers of this product in the UK & Ireland.    Get in touch for a competitive quote or to try it out.  Also available in 1-litre, 5 & 10-litre cans.

Ocean Leaves Seaweed: a well-known Irish company offering a hand-harvested & therefore highly nutritious seaweed fertilizer for organic use.

Borre Gro Humics: We can offer Borre Gro HA1 products which are easy-to-use powder formulations suitable for spray application. It’s a modified potassium humate derived from leonardite given a 70% organic acid composition.

Vella Organic Range:  

  • Just some of the product ranges available, for specific interests & pricing please contact Colm or Tim at +353 873987298  or email us at
  • Nutri Vell: liquid bio-activator whose active matter consists of free L-Cistéine (5 % p/p) and L-Methionine (2,5 % p/p) coming from the proteinic material hydrolysis. This product is applied at the beginning of vegetation, the beginning of flowering, and during the first phases of development of the fruits t contains 3.3% Free Nitrogen & 12% Free aminos.
  • Enraivell is a rapidly assimilated bio-nutrient. Its benefits include rooting & containing essential macronutrients and micronutrients, along with an seaweed extract, Ascophyllum Nodosum, plus L-α-amino acids physiologically active and functional.
  • Vell Humus , is an excellent organic matter of vegetal origin, that ace its time contains nitrogen, calcium and potassium. NK = 2-5 with 35% Organic matter & 32% Fulvic bacteria acid promoter
  • Hormo Vell, is a fertilizer with a high percentage of phosphorus and potassium, acts in two ways on the growth of the fruits: on the one hand by increasing their calibre and on the other hand, by their giving a greater firmness (better filling) and, consequently, more weight.
organic fertilizer

Seaweed Ocean leaf products available 1litre 10litre & 20 litre

organic fertilizer

Blattwerk Pure   1 litre only 

Blattwerk, organic fertilizer
Organic Products, organic fertilizer

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