Foliar feeding

Why Foliar feeding?

There are lots of studies & research over the last 20 years that have concluded without question , there is as much as a 9 times percentage improvement in nutrient uptake at the roots from foliar feeding versus a soil application. Foliar feeding allows for 95 percent efficiency of uptake from foliar application compared to about 10 percent from soil application.

Foliar application absorption is immediate & most significantly there is much less runoff or nutrient wastage to river courses & streams than with powder granule soil application.
Precision- foliar feeding can be applied in a very precise application with modern sprayers at significant width. This eliminating the need for expensive powder granular fertilizer spreaders to cover large widths eg >30metre .

Efficiency of time- most of the plants feeds we provide can be tank mixed with other well known fungicides or herbicides so passes through the field can be reduced.

As plant leaves get sprayed, they generate more carbohydrates , this is then transported down to the root and released as exudates. This will stimulate microbial life in the soil, and the microbes thrive around the root and mass producing more nutrients to become available to the plant.

Reduction in your costs, this being one of the most significant benefits to the farmer. Less units of feed are needed due to the coverage & update efficiency. In situations where a farmer is limited by overall allowed nitrogen units he/she can apply to crops or grass, Foliar feeds specifically targeting the crop & soil needs. Less wastage , lower cost.


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